Caistor & The Wolds - The Crocosmia Gardens

The Crocosmia Gardens

A national collection

Caistor & The Wolds - The Crocosmia GardensI started collecting Crocosmia seriously around 10 or so years ago, although I have had Lucifer in my garden ever since I moved here in 1988.

My fascination started when I visited a local garden centre and saw some different ones as I was wandering around…….. I instantly fell in love with a couple of them and took them home.

Then I looked on the dreaded internet and found lots of lovely sites to visit……. from then on, it just snowballed and now I have around 270+ varieties!! Yes, before anyone says anything, our garden is very very full.

Caistor & The Wolds - The Crocosmia GardensIn the last 7 or so years of collecting, I have met some of the most amazing people that I now call my friends….. some of who are in my links page!!

Anyway, I would at this point like to thank Mr David Fenwick, for all his help and information and guidance during my time of Collecting. David was also a National Collection Holder for Crocosmia until he had to give up his collection due to ill health.

Because of him, I applied for National Collection Status too…….. Waiting for the yes or no was terrifying, but in the end was well worth all the waiting and anguish.

Caistor & The Wolds - The Crocosmia GardensI got Full National Collection status in February 2007.

Visitors are welcome at any time, just give us a call to make sure we are around before you come.

Garden and plant sale area open from May to October.

Sorry but there is No wheelchair access and No dogs are allowed

For more info
01472 859269