Love Caistor and the wolds - fishing


One go and you're hooked

Caistor Lakes offers 3 well stocked pools for specimen carp with current records of a 42lb 2oz mirror carp and a 38lb common carp, a match lake with regular competitions, and a leisure lake for course fisherman. All operating on a day and night ticket basis. Totaling over 50 pegs catering for disabled anglers, all pools have drop off point for tackle, and graveled paths for ease of use, and full toilet facilities.

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Arthurs Pool

A dedicated specimen carp lake with a difference, set up by a carp angler for carp anglers.

The pool is 2 acres in size and boasts many water craft features such as gravel bars, drop offs, plateaus and lilly beds. We’ve introduced a lot of natural food into the lake, including fresh shrimp and muscles.

Designed for your bivvy to sit on, there are eight well-spaced, permanent pegs that have fast drainage. All have a twin socket power supply, and low level lighting at the flick of a switch for tying rigs etc. Additionally, each peg has its own inbuilt LED light for landing fish without a head torch.

We introduced 62 carp ranging from 15 lbs to over 44lbs, with 15 30lb and 3 40lb present, all of which have been grown by ourselves for over seven years in one of our stock pools. They’ve have been raised on pellet, maize and barley mix. We’re so confident with the quality of stock and growth rates that we offer a full, money back guarantee if you catch a fish below 15lbs from this pool! All fish in this pool are micro chipped for growth rates and anti-theft purposes, and there is an annual netting each November to which all former anglers are welcome to attend.

Growth rates in this pool have been above 10% due to the quality of the carp stock and the regular monitoring of the oxygen levels (which are taken twice daily), as well as nitrates, nitrites and ammonia levels (which are taken weekly.) We are confident that this pool will attain a 50lb+ carp within a couple of years.

The price for this lake is £40 for 24hrs or £25 for 12 hrs, with a 2 rod limit. Pre-booking for this pool is essential.

When booking seven 24hr sessions, you are only charged for the price of six! Contact us for more details on this offer.

Foundry Pool

This pool has been designed with the purpose of accommodating organised match fishing, corporate events, coaching days and day ticket fishing. It’s ideal for the angler wanting to hone his fishing skills and catch a large mixed bag of course fish. Watercraft including gravel bars, drop offs, shelves and lilly pad beds are all featured here. The pool is heavily stocked with Ide, Bream, Tench, Perch, Carp, Roach, Barble, Crusian and Chub. It has 24 permanent pegs, all of which are wheelchair accessible and disabled friendly. Again, this 1.5 acre pool has tackle drop off zones, and is surrounded by gravel paths with easy access to the 5 star shower and toilet facilities.

To ensure good catch rates and fish health, oxygen is tested daily and nitrates, nitrites and ammonia are tested on a weekly basis.

The site organises regular match fishing competitions. Should you wish to arrange your own events (such as match/corporate days), or would like to enter the next match please contact Andrew on 07914 854321.

Herron Pool

Our Leisure pool is designed for the fisherman wanting to relax, chill out and enjoy a day catching fish. A truly mixed pool, it contains carp up to 29lbs, and a variety of Ide, Bream, Tench, Barble, Ghost Carp, Perch, Crucian, Chub, Roach and Gudgeon.

Again we have 16 permanent pegs, gravelled pathways, drop off tackle zones, and access to the toilet and shower facilities.

As with all our pools, to ensure quality of fish and their growth, we monitor oxygen levels daily along with nitrates, nitrites and ammonia on a weekly basis.

This pool costs £8 dawn till dusk, £15 for 24 hours, OAP rate £6.50 dawn till dusk, £12 for 24 hours.