Visit Caistor & The Wolds - cycling


Tour de Wolds

Visit Caistor & The Wolds - cycling

The Lincolnshire Wolds are a truly beautiful place – and what better way to enjoy them than having a short (or long!) bike ride with the family.

The rolling hills, lush colours and quaint villages are not to be missed: especially when you have the pleasure of discovering them on an afternoon’s ride.

And to help you find the best routes, a young and keen business group from Caistor Grammar School have compiled a short cycle guide.

Here’s a taster of 2 of the routes from Phil Moseley – you’ll have to buy the book for the rest. You’ll find it at Caistor Post Office and The Arts and Heritage Centre.



The Rothwell route begins in Rothwell. This lovely little route takes you up some challenging hills, but also has some of the classic Wolds beauty. Landscapes which endure all through the year; it doesn’t matter if it’s a crisp winter day, or a bright summer day, as each is a different experience to enjoy. This is a completely road route, so appropriate for road or mountain bike, and thankfully is only 11km (1 hour 10 minutes), so we’re back in time for deal or no deal.


Stainton-Le-Vale to Thoresway

Alternatively, we have this one to offer: Stainton-Le-Vale ~ Thoresway Loop. I honestly cannot express my love of this route. Skirted by a beautiful brook, the road loading out of Stainton-Le-Vale, leads up and out into a beautiful panorama across the rolling landscape. Some of the best pictures we have come across have been in this area. The route, loops around up into the quiet village of Thoresway, which has been empty every time I have been though (Wikipedia assures me people do live there), and back down towards Stainton, following a lovely dipping road. I’m not a picnic person, but this route is perfect for having a picnic upon.


Visit Caistor & The Wolds - cycling

Matt Colly from the group commented: “For us, ‘Tour de Wolds’ has become much more than a simple, humorous cycle guide. It is a representation of nearly 7 months work. It is an object which we really hope can get people to enjoy the simple pleasures of a bike ride. It is a product which, although barely scratching the surface of the expanses of the Wolds, can inspire a love which might even last a lifetime. In complete honesty, we have had a truly amazing time creating this simple little ring bound book – and we would be extraordinarily grateful if we thought that – by having a quick read now and then – you have been able to find some enjoyment too.”