Visit Caistor & The Wolds - Caistor Yarborough Academy School

Caistor Yarborough Academy

Visit Caistor & The Wolds - Caistor Yarborough Academy SchoolWe are an outstanding 11-16 comprehensive academy placed in a particularly beautiful part of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Serving a large area of Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire, we are very popular. We take pride in being able to offer outstanding care and support, excellent learning opportunities and a wide range of experiences, for every child.

In our academy students are valued as individuals. We encourage all students to achieve their personal best and have high aspirations and ambitions for their futures. Our enriched, creative curriculum focuses on supporting learning for life.

Visit Caistor & The Wolds - Caistor Yarborough Academy SchoolCelebrating the success of our students is a key part of our culture; whether they are competing with the world’s best academically, or meeting personal successes, we help to motivate our students to meet and exceed their targets. Our examination results are consistently above the national average and this success is due to our hard working students and our team of talented staff, all of whom are committed to the academy’s ethos and values and who give time freely to support our students and our whole community.

Choosing a secondary place for your child is a very important decision. This is a decision which will ensure that your child has a happy and successful educational experience – one which will shape the rest of his or her life. So please visit us on our open days and evenings, to view our wonderful academy.

Visit Caistor & The Wolds - Caistor Yarborough Academy School

Our students are challenged, supported and happy. I am sure that you will have the confidence to place your trust in us for the education of your son or daughter.

Vision, values and care
We are a values based school and our core value is RESPECT. In our academy ‘everyone matters’ and we work to ensure that this is evident in every aspect of our work.

Our induction programme is carefully planned. This is supported by strong links with our feeder primaries, where staff visit new students at the beginning of the programme. Small group induction days, a whole ‘taster day’, a Year 6 evening and caring buddies ensure that all of our Year 6 students experience a supportive and positive transition.

Visit Caistor & The Wolds - Caistor Yarborough Academy SchoolOn entry every student will become part of a house group and a vertical tutor group. The vertical system supports mentoring, responsibility, leadership skills and
the sense of a family support network. Each student’s tutor, supported by the LEAD (Leader of Emotional and Academic Development) is responsible for monitoring and supporting overall emotional and academic progress.

We have firm but fair standards of discipline with a clear emphasis on ensuring that students feel safe from bullying, and are in an environment in which they can learn. Respect is expected from all students at all times and this includes the wearing of the academy uniform with pride.

Visit Caistor & The Wolds - Caistor Yarborough Academy SchoolWe work closely in partnership with parents, encouraging them to liaise with their son’s or daughter’s tutor when contacting us. Also on a weekly basis we have an open ‘drop-in’ when any parent is welcome to attend and speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

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