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Caistor and The Wolds - the neighbourhood planThe Caistor Neighbourhood Plan is a vision for the future of the town, it has been created by Caistor volunteers and is based on consultations held over the last year or so.

This is the final draft, it is now your opportunity to comment. You only have six weeks.

It is a glimpse into the future of how the town can develop.

Following the consultation the final version will be examined by a Government Planning Inspector.

Once it has got through the examination by the inspector he will recommend that it goes forward to the referendum. That is your chance to vote in favour of it.

If it gets a simple majority vote ie. more than 50% of the votes at the referendum, it then gets adopted by WL as the statutory Development Plan for Caistor, part of its Planning Policies & Guides for Caistor.

You can view and download all the documents here.